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Liquid Bee Smoke is made from a concentrated liquid that is safe, and fit for human consumption. Liquid Smoke is the perfect substitute for traditional smokers! This new, effective and safe substitute is perfect for all Beekeepers working in fire ban areas, hard to reach locations or those looking for a more compact, portable alternative to traditional smokers.



Liquid Bee Smoke is made from a concentrated liquid that is edible by humans. Simply add the small sachet to one litre of water and let it settle before use, or if you need immediate use, combine with one litre of water in a spray bottle. Spearmint oil is added to calm the bees down and make them less feisty. Spray this mixture on your bees and you will be amazed at how calm your bees become.

Note: Do not use on uncapped honey supers. Will affect taste.


  • Use as a substitute for traditional smokers
  • Perfect for fire ban areas
  • Super concentrated – makes 1 litre of spray to cover up to 250 hives
  • Convenient measured single dose pouch – no need to measure

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Quantity Price
1 $7.90 +GST
10 $7.50 +GST
50 $6.75 +GST

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