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Jenter Queen Rearing Kit - Complete


The ultimate starter kit for any Beekeeper interested in Queen Rearing!



Kit Includes - 115 plugs, 115 cups, 50 cup holders, pre-drawn comb, Insertion Aid

  • Plastic comb box: This is a plastic box containing a sheet of plastic foundation, which is coated, with a thin layer of wax. This plastic foundation has 90 pre-drilled holes in it.
  • Cell Plugs: These fit into the pre-drilled holes. They are removable, and will contain the eggs and larvae at a later stage. They are hollow and beeswax must be imbedded each time they are used.
  • Cover plate (rear): The plastic box has a removable rear cover plate, which allows access to the cell plugs, for their insertion/removal.
  • Queen excluder (front): The front is covered with a plastic queen excluder material, the center of which can be independently removed to insert the queen into the comb box and release her.
  • Queen cell starter cups: These are small open-ended cones. Which simply fit over the cell plugs. They are used once the cell plugs have young larvae in them. They will form the beginning of the queen cell.
  • Yellow cupholders: These larger open-ended cones conveniently hold the cell plug/queen cell start cups in place on cell bars.

Click here for Jenter set up instructions

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