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Dadant Smoker with Shield - 4"


  • Dadant smokers are often referred to as the Gold Standard of smokers
  • Available in standard and tall sizes
  • Made in the USA from high quality materials, Dadant smokers come complete with high quality stainless guards, oversized hinges and replaceable bellows



A good smoker is essential for manipulating your honey bees. The beekeeper can calm the honey bees by puffing cool smoke from the smoke at the entrance of the beehive and at the top of the frames. The cool smoke distracts the honey bees from the activity going on when the beekeeper checks the frames for honey, pollen and egg laying pattern.

When lighting your smoker be sure not to tilt it backwards, as this may cause hot embers to be sucked into the bellows. Many types of fuel can be used in a smoker. These fuels include hessian, burlap, pine needles, corrugated cardboard, or paper egg cartons. Smoker fuel is recommended for a longer burning time.


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