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  • Create the perfect climate with the new Hive Doctor hive mat and insulated lid all-in-one
  • Recent research from Queensland University shows how insulation and better sealed lids could save your bees valuable time and energy



  • The Hive Doctor therma-lid is two products that have been combined into one, developed to save you time and money
  • With less gear, hive inspections become faster - ultimately making your overall hive management more efficient
  • The therma-lid is made of tough high-density polystyrene (HDP), which is pre-painted for convenience and durability
  • This is for a 10 frame box

NOTE: not suitable for use with top feeders unless a galvanised roof is used

The new Hive Doctor therma-lid provides you with flexibility as it can be used with or without a galvanized roof, and can also be used as a lid on its own when strapped.


  • UV protected
  • Weather proof finish
  • Reinforced hive tool access areas
  • Integrated channel for use with vertical divider boards (underneath)
  • Built in bee space
  • Decreased hive weight for easier handling

How to take the Therma-Lid off the box:

  • Break the propolis seal on both short ends prior to levering off your box. Failure to do this may result in damage to the Therma-lid.

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