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HoneyMax™ Plastic Frame - Full Depth Waxed 30g


  • Field tested and proven by beekeepers throughout New Zealand the new Beetek HoneyMax™ frame is an evolution in honey extraction
  • Available in waxed and unwaxed
  • The larger cell sizing (7.1mm compared to 5.4mm) allows honey to release more freely during extraction resulting in cleaner frames and more importantly improved yields
  • Extraction trials have shown an extra 110 grams of honey extracted per frame
  • With its eye-catching pink colouring, the Beetek HoneyMax™ frame is easily recognisable to ensure it stays in your honey boxes



Key benefits

  • Faster and cleaner extraction due to large cell size
  • Waxed option is evenly coated in 30g wax, and ready to put straight into the hive

Recommended for use with a queen excluder

What our customers are saying

“We trialed some of the new Beetek HoneyMax™ frames from Ecrotek last season and were really impressed with the results. Extracting thixotropic Manuka using our conventional uncapper and without the use of a pricker, the HoneyMax™ frames extracted every bit as well as clover honey from regular frames, both cleanly and with minimal residues. We have now purchased a much larger number of these for this coming season as a way to improve our apiary operations." - South Island Commercial Beekeeper

Quantity Breaks

Quantity Price
1 $4.58 +GST
10 $4.58 +GST
54 $3.97 +GST
432 $3.58 +GST
864 $3.44 +GST
5184 $3.38 +GST
10368 $3.34 +GST



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