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Lega 6552 MiniMix Honey Blender


This Lega MiniMix is a compact honey blender, with a single wall tank, a stainless-steel gate, rounded off top rim to ensure maximum axial rigidity, and stainless-steel honey gate for easy honey blending!

Not available until December 2023



The 'MiniMix' is a multifunctional, cost efficient blender with single walled stainless-steel tank and marine propeller fitted on an inclined shaft not anchored to the bottom. This MiniMix is the ideal piece of equipment to prepare creamed honey easily and quickly, starting from liquid honey with a small percentage of crystallised honey.

In order to obtain good honey blending results, it is important to be familiar with honey-related technology in general and also with the specific characteristics of the honey types to blend. Not all honey types are compatible and allow a homogeneous product to be obtained for more information about honey blending we advise researching and reading up on it in books such as the Practical Beekeeping in NZ (5th Eddition).

12 Month Standard Warranty

Technical Information

Technical Specifications -

  • Honey Capacity: 100kg
  • Diameter: 470 mm
  • Dimensions at floor level: 700 x 610mm
  • Overall Height: 1110mm
  • Honey Gate Internal Diameter: 40mm
  • Hinged lid is fitted with an electric safety lock to prevent opening while the machine is moving

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