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Mann Lake Frame Feeder 4l W Cap & Ladder


Utilize this Mann Lake Frame Feeder 4l W Cap & Ladder to prevent starvation when your beehive has little or no food and supplies! Frame Feeders are great for feeding raw or dry white sugar in the early and mid-winter, the feeder provides additional nutrients to ensure the hives survival.



HANDY TIP: Studies suggest placement of sugar syrup in hives is best done simultaneously towards the evening to minimize any tendency for bees to rob the hives that are fed; by simultaneously feeding all hives in the area this further lowers the tendency for robbing.

  • The wood cap system and the inside wall supports add to the unparalled structural integrity of the Feeder.
  • Sealed feeding tubes ensure the bees are confined to the feeding area so you will experience minimal drowning.
  • No Burr Comb To Clean - Sealed feeding tubes prevent the bees from making burr comb in the feeder and keep the queen from laying brood inside.
  • Textured interior walls for those who wish to use the feeder without the cap and ladder system.
  • The wood cap and ladder system attaches securely to the feeder with the exclusive cap bands so there is no need to remove your feeders when you travel


Dimensions: 55mm wide (between frame end bar lugs)

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