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Hiveware / Bee Escape Board - 4 Metal Corners

Bee Escape Board - 4 Metal Corners


Bee Escape Board to give your bees a one-way ticket out of the Honey Super! Use this board before extraction and within 24 hours your super will be mostly empty.



Use to separate the bees from the honey, placed between the brood boxes and honey boxes prior to removal of the honey box for extraction.

Measurements: 510mm (L) x 407mm (W)
Frame thickness 21.5mm

Honey super full of honey, capped and ready for extraction?
Use an Ecrotek Bee escape board by placing below your honey super/s and leave until all the bees have left the honey. Then quickly take the honey super/s away and swap out for your normal hive mat, or the next empty box to be filled!

Bare Bee escapes can be bought separately here


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Quantity Price
1 $26.14 +GST
20 $24.24 +GST
100 $22.01 +GST



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