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Beetek Ultimate One Piece Clear Queen Cage


The Beetek Ultimate One Piece Queen Cage is the ideal solution for transporting and introducing queens and attendants to new colonies. Loading the queen cage is easy thanks to its one piece design, hinged lid and large integrated candy compartment. The compact design allows for simple insertion between brood frames with venting all four sides providing increased trophallaxis and scent exchange.



Additional features include a snap off tab on the candy compartment, internal water reservoir and interlocking feet which can be used for stacking during shipping. A single bee entrance can also be used when filling the cage.

  • Single piece, hinged design. Easier to use one handed or in gloves
  • Large cage with improved trophallaxis and scent exchange due to ample venting
  • Bees can be scoop filled via the large entrance or filled individually via the smaller entrance
  • Side venting helps airflow when cages are fitted tightly between frames
  • Separate bee and candy cage access
  • Snap off candy access tab
  • Firm clipping mechanisms to ensure cages stay shut
  • Break-away bar in side excludes queen, but allows workers in if desired.
  • Internal water reservoir
  • Interlocking feet for stacking during transportation
  • Made in New Zealand using quality food grade materials

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