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Thymovar Wafers - 10 Pack


Thymovar is a thymol based, BioGro NZ certified varroa treatment with an average researched efficacy of 87-97%. Concentrations of thymol vapor build up to levels that are highly toxic to varroa mites but safe for bees. Two applications of a single wafer per brood chamber are required at a 3-4 week interval. Best for treatment in the late summer to early autumn period. DO NOT USE where comb honey is to be collected.



Thymovar 10 pack wafers contain the volatile oil thymol. When treating, Thymol vapour concentrations build up in the hive. The vapour is highly toxic to Varroa mites but concentrations are not high enough to harm bees. DO NOT USE where comb honey is to be collected.

Direction for Use:

Two applications of one wafer per brood chamber at a 3-4 week interval.

  1. Open the sealed sachet containing 5 wafers.
  2. Place one wafer (cut in half) on top of the brood chamber. Use two wafers uncut for a double storey box of chambers. Wafers can be cut with a pair of scissors.
  3. Close the hive as usual. Open floors have to be closed.
  4. Repeat the application of wafers 3-4 weeks later. Remove used wafers after 3-4 weeks.
  5. After opening the sealed sachet all wafers should be used immediately.
  6. The wafer does not need to be removed from the hive after the treatment period, any remaining debris can be simply scraped or removed from the top bars.

Apply in Spring before honey supers have been added for the first honey flow. Alternatively, use in late Summer to early Autumn immediately after all surplus honey has been removed. Apply when maximum daily temperatures are between 12C and 30C. All hives should be treated at the same time to avoid robbing.

Withholding Period:
Not for use when honey supers are present in the hive.



Technical Information

Active ingredient: Contains 721g/kg thymol in the form of a vapour-releasing wafer - each wafer contains 15g of thymol.

Quantity Breaks

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1 $91.44 +GST
10 $84.27 +GST
40 $72.70 +GST
480 $66.73 +GST



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