Ultra Bee Protein Patties 5kg
Health & Treatment / Ultra Bee Pollen Patties 5KG

Ultra Bee Pollen Patties 5KG


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  • Ultra Bee is a High Protein Pollen substitute
  • Increased brood production
  • Healthier and Stronger Bees!
  • Great for Winter and Spring feeding
  • Ready to feed when you need it
  • Beneficial vitamins, lipids and minerals
  • 5 KG Box
  • Made with essential Oils - Lemongrass and Spearmint
  • The highest protein pollen substitute available (58% crude protein raw powder



Give bees extra protein when natural pollen is in short supply to help build up your beehive strength. Pollen substitutes provide the protein, beneficial vitamins, lipids and minerals honey bees need to thrive and raise brood when natural pollen is not available in sufficient quantities. Each particle is micronized to the correct size for easy consumption by honey bees, contains no animal by-products or natural pollen, and is made from only the finest ingredients.

Ultra Bee Patties allow beekeepers to feed pollen substitutes directly in the hive, which is beneficial for weaker colonies or when colonies are prevented from foraging because of cold, wet weather. In contrast, dry pollen substitutes must be feed outside of the hive. Ultra Bee Patties provide an excellent source of the protein and carbohydrates honey bees need to raise brood.


Place patties (no need to remove the paper) on the top bars of the hive. For a two story colony, place patties on the top bars of the lower box. Do not feed patties when honey supers are present.

During the winter months patties will become firmer in the cold. This is due to the sugar syrup in them cooling and thickening.

Prior to using these patties we recommend you place them somewhere warm to soften. If possible you can place them in your honey warming room too. Once warmed they will be soft and moist.

When placed onto a beehives brood box the patties soften further from the hives warmth and are then eaten by your bees.

For very small or weak hives that are not generating much heat we reccomend you warm the patties prior to feeding.


Ultra Bee Patties should be sealed in a plastic bag away from direct sunlight at or below 72° F (22° C) and are best used within two years of manufacture date. Any unused feed can be stored in the freezer indefinitely to reduce protein degradation.


Independent research by Randy Oliver of Scientific Beekeeping (https://scientificbeekeeping.com/a-comparative-test-of-the-pollen-sub/), shows that Ultra Bee Patties produced results statistically equal to those of natural pollen.


How to Use

Place Ultra Bee patties directly onto the top bars of the lowest brood chamber. Placement in proximity to the brood area improves uptake and benefit.

Leaving wax paper on will not affect uptake or harm your bees, however this should ideally be removed before placement in the hives.

NOTE: Care should be taken to ensure patties do not fall between frames and onto the bottom board. As with any food product, these pieces may attract rodents which could result in damage to the hive.

Ultra Bee Patties can be frozen and stored for up to 1 year. Thaw patties slowly at room temperature by removing them from the freezer 1-2 days before use. Frozen patties may break or crumble when being moved. Allow them to thaw fully for easiest handling. Do not use frozen patties in beehives.

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