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Varroa EasyCheck is a ready-to-use varroa mite shaker that makes monitoring infestations more accurate and reliable than ever before: up to 80% efficacy with a single wash!



Quick and easy to use:

Beekeepers simply collect 200 or 300 bees and shake them for 60 seconds in the EasyCheck shaker, with a solution of alcohol or winter windshield washer fluid.

  • Designed for effectiveness: The filter basket is the key to EasyCheck‚Äôs reliability
  • Quick and easy to use, 3 easy steps
  • Easily transportable and built to last
  • Tight-fitting lid is leak-free and comfortable to use
  • Two moulded guide lines allow for samples of 200 or 300 bees
  • Designed for effectiveness: Fallen mites pass through holes in the base and sides of the basket
  • Transparent bowl allows accurate counting and reliable sampling

Why monitor Varroa infestation?

  • To detect a massive Varroa build-up and plan treatment options (in early spring or between honey flows, for example).
  • To optimize treatment strategy (when and how to treat)
  • To control the effectiveness of a performed treatment

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