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VitaHive™ Brood Booster™ 1L


Boost your brood with VitaHiveBrood Booster™.

Brood Booster has been formulated from scientifically researched ingredients to help break winter dormancy by stimulating the queen to lay.

Highly concentrated hive stimulant, which makes up to 100 litres!

Made in New Zealand from local and imported ingredients.



Boost your brood with VitaHiveBrood Booster™.

Brood Booster has been formulated from scientifically researched ingredients to help break winter dormancy by stimulating the queen to lay.

Brood Booster supplies essential amino acids, plant oils and nutrients to the hive when naturally available levels are low. This encourages the queen to increase her laying rate earlier and therefore achieve stronger hives sooner.

The addition of essential oils also helps aid digestion, improve uptake, delays sugar fermentation and may also reduce Nosema and gut parasite infections with long term use.

Achieving peak colony size is a journey that takes several months, by feeding Brood Booster in the winter you can achieve higher laying rates earlier in the season. This translates to reaching peak hive size sooner, improving honey yields and pollination or providing the ability to create more splits.

For a Stronger Healthier Hive

  • Stimulates Laying
    Build stronger spring hives for greater honey production and pollination
  • Scientifically Researched IngredientsVital nutrition for brood rearing and royal jelly production. Brood Booster really does boost brood!
  • Supports hive healthAdded essential oils for a healthier hive with bees that live longer

For Faster Hive Growth

  • Improved Pollination
  • More Spring splits
  • Improved honey yields

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Mixing Instructions

How to Mix (complete in part using an infographic or icons)

  1. Shake bottle thoroughly to mix ingredients
  2. Add 10mls of Brood Booster per litre of light sugar syrup
  3. Mix thoroughly and feed promptly
During periods of pollen shortages dosing can be increased to 20mls per litre.

Feeding Instructions

Feed late Winter and into Spring in order to build your hives ready for the honey flow.

Depending on your location this means you should start feeding in July or August and continue through till your hive reaches the desired strength. Always stop sugar feeding prior to the first nectar flow.

Although Brood Booster does not contain any additives or chemicals that could adulterate your honey we don’t recommend feeding your hives with honey supers on. Supplemental feeding of hives during nectar flows can increase your C4 sugars and ultimately affect the value of your honey.


  • Strong hive stimulation will require sufficient feed to maintain strength
  • Feeding in late Autumn helps build up stronger bees going into winter, but be aware that your hives may need more resource at this time to support the build up
  • Shake well before use
  • Feed volumes appropriate to hive volume and strength
  • Always use clean feeders and equipment
  • Keep out of reach of children
  • In case of eye or skin contact rinse well with water and consult a medical professional if irritation occurs

Nutritional Profile

More than a list of what’s inside! The ingedients in VitaHive Brood Booster have been scientifically selected and carefully balanced in order to provide optimum nutrition and uptake.

Water, hydrolysed protein, sucrose, citric acid, thymol, lemongrass oil, spearmint oil, L-tryptophan, lecithin, sodium benzoate, potassium sorbate

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