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Lega 3 Frame Manual Extractor


  • Lega are our best quality range of extractors, made in Italy to the highest standards
  • These extractors are built to last for many years and have a full range of replacement parts readily available



The Tangential Manual honey extractor, is the perfect extractor for anyone starting out. This comes equipped with:

  • 1 x tank with cage
  • 3 x legs for extractor
  • 1 x 47mm od nylon honey gate
  • 2 x clear half lids
  • Fitted with a nylon conical gear noiseless drive

Prior to using the Tangential Manual Extractor, clean the tank, cage and all other parts that will be in contact with honey - with a natural detergent (e.g., Vinegar). After cleaning all surfaces, rinse with a lot of water and set aside to dry.

Place the extractor in a secure and useful position, load the frames into the cage so the weight is distributed evenly. At first, the cage must rotate slowly, to avoid damaging the frames, but can do the highest number of rotations when the frames are almost empty. This, operation makes for stable, easier, extraction.

Do not accelerate or brake suddenly because the mechanical connection plugs on the reducer could shear.

The level of honey inside the tank cannot exceed over the central bush of the extractor.

At the beginning of every extraction, verify the perfect fixing of the bush nut under the tank of the extractor.

Technical Information:

  • Diameter 380mm
  • Tank height 650mm
  • Total height 950mm to tank top rim

Please note: If the vertical shaft is too low the pinion gear comes too far away from the crown wheel and the gears will jump. Screwing the adjustment thread under the extractor raises the pinion gear to mesh into the crown wheel. Be careful not to over-tighten as this will cause binding and potential damage to the gears. The pinion gear should not be touching the red nylon bush/handle holder at the top - there should be a very small amount of clearance, this ensures all of the basket weight sits on the bottom bush.


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