Extraction / Lega 4 Frame Reversible Electric Extractor.

Lega 4 Frame Reversible Electric Extractor.


Lega 4 Frame Reversible Electric Extractor. This is perfect for for small to medium pack-houses and even some larger hobbyists. The Lega 4 Frame Extractor allows you to extract four frames of honey at a time, ultimately speeding up the extraction process!



Extractor with pockets for four frames, with tap internal diameter 40mm plastic, plastic cover and robust detachable legs.

Top bar with 220V / 110W motor with two-way variable speed rotation between 0 and 420 RPM.

Top drive motor. Automatically reversible cages allow fast extraction from both sides of the frames. Reversing the direction of rotation of the motor, the pockets 4 are automatically arranged on the opposite face.

Diameter of Extractor: 630mm

Tangential – improves honey extraction, particularly for thicker honeys

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