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Hive Doctor W5 FD 5L Frame Feeder


Hive Doctor W5 (full depth) Frame Feeder is perfect to feed dry or sugar syrup in winter months, this ensures the bees are well nourished during the harder months when pollen isn't as prominent. Help nourish your bee's the easy way with this Frame Feeder!



Hive Doctor W5 Frame Feeder - Full Depth

  • W-shaped bottom allows the bees to get to sugar syrup without the hive being perfectly flat
  • Strong design and materials, with a rib to strengthen central chamber, and prevent the feeder shape distorting
  • 5 Litre capacity
  • 68mm (2 x 34mm frame) width
  • Cap & Ladder clip together safely and securely
  • Pre-Assembled, and easy to dissemble for cleaning

Not availble in 3/4 depth.

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