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Lega 6682 Double Wall Heated Sump Tank


The Double Wall Heated Sump Tank is perfect to ensure the excess that falls out of your honey extractor doesn’t leave a mess all over the floor! This sump tank is under the honey extractor so that it is not in the way and away from passage areas; the preliminary filter should be exactly below the honey extractor discharge gate to work efficiently.



Below is some key infromation on the Lega Double Wall Heated Sump Tank -

  • The double-walled tank must be placed under the gate of the honey extractor.
  • The top part of the tank consists of a large-sized filter which has the purpose of retaining the coarser parts that are contained in the honey coming out of the honey extractor.
  • Vertical partitions are placed inside the tank, to clean the honey in a more refined way before it is pumped out of the tank to the ripeners.
  • The top partitions hold back the heavier particles in the honey, while the lower partitions hold back the lighter ones such as wood chips, wax residues and so on.
  • The tank comes complete with a 50mm diameter stainless steel suction pipe, adjustable in height, to which a hose is attached for connection to the pump.
  • The interspace is heated by a thermostatically controlled resistance heater placed inside it.


Please note, the honey temperature should never exceed 40C, if the honey does become too hot adjust the resistance thermostat to a suitable temperature. It is advised that protective gloves and suitable clothing is worn to prevent burns in the case of accidental contact with the equipment.

Technical Information

Technical Specifications

  • ·Overall dimensions - 130 x 56 x 29cm
  • ·Weight - 34kg
  • ·Honey capacity -150kg approx.
  • ·Power absorption - 1650w

Quantity Breaks

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1 $2,451.30 +GST





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