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Speed King Electric Uncapping Knife


The 220v 'Speed King' Electric Uncapping Knife is the ideal tool for processing honeycomb. Use this tool to remove the beeswax cap on honey cells. It is easy to use, requires no pre-heating and has fully automatic temperature control. This tool makes, uncapping quicker and easier than ever! Speed up your extraction process with the Speed King Electric Uncapping Knife!



This Electric Uncapping Knife has a 575W heater element and will work when plugged into any 230 volt power line.This Uncapping Knife is to be used exclusively for honeycomb uncapping, please do not use the knife to lift combs off supers. A safe rule to follow when working with electrical devices such as this is to ensure the floor is dry, this knife must never be dipped or placed in water.

This product includes a limited Two Year Warranty.

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