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Ecrotek | Essential Spring Jobs for Kiwi Beekeepers

Spring is here – and a checklist of essential spring jobs Kiwi beekeepers need to do to keep their hives healthy – from Ecrotek
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Preparation, placement, patience – safe beekeeping practices

Beekeeping involves working with a large number of unpredictable living things. So of course, there are risks and dangers. But if you follow safe beekeeping guidelines, you should be able to minimise the risk to you, your family, your neighbours, and your bees. It’s about being well-prepared, thinking about the placement of your hives, and – most importantly – being calm and patient when you work with bees.
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Learn, How-To, Getting Started, Beekeeping 101

Ecrotek | Essential Spring Prep for Kiwi Beekeepers

Gearing up for spring? Here’s how to get your hives ready, essential spring prep for Kiwi beekeepers – from Ecrotek.
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Learn, How-To, Getting Started, Save the Bees

Spring of swarms – how to safely capture a bee swarm.

Expert advice from Ecrotek – the gear, methods and tips you need to safely capture and relocate a swarm of bees.
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Learn, Getting Started

​Two hives are better than one

Many hobby beekeepers start with one hive. It’s easy to see why: a single hive is less of an investment in terms of money, it takes up less space in a small garden, and it seems easier to manage. But starting with two hives – or more – is often a better idea.
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