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Set up for spring

After a long, cold winter spent huddled inside, everyone is looking forward to spring – bees included. For your hives, spring is a time of intense activity. Egg-laying, brood-raising, and nectar-gathering all start to ramp up after being almost non-existent in winter.
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Old pets, new hives

For the most part, bees, pets and other domestic animals can coexist happily, but there’s always the potential for harm. The larger the property, the easier it is to keep your pets away from your hives. Simply choose a spot with low traffic, away from cages, coops and kennels, and you should be fine.
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Little-known locals

New Zealand is home to 28 species of native bee, but most people wouldn’t recognise one buzzing past in the garden. Unlike their brightly coloured, social, honey-making cousins, native bees are mostly black, they lead solitary lives, and honey-making is not on their agenda.
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Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping Safety Guidelines

Ecrotek covers what you should know about beekeeping safety, from risks, safety gear and best practices to biosecurity guidelines.
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How-To, Beekeeping 101

How Often Should I Inspect My Hives?

Ecrotek outlines how often you should check, what to look for and why it matters – your complete beehive inspection guide.
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Irritating Invaders

​As anyone with a kitchen knows, ants are annoying scavengers. They’re constantly on the lookout for new food sources, and will use the tiniest entry point to gain access. If your kitchen is particularly messy – with food left on bench tops or jars left open – you may be more likely to attract these tiny invaders. It’s a similar story with your beehives.​​
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Future Beekeeping: Innovative Technology

The future of beekeeping is innovative technology. Ecrotek shows how bee-tech saves bees and keep beekeepers and farmers in business.
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Beekeeping 101

The Basics And Benefits Of Homesteading

Ecrotek’s guide to homesteading – the basics, the benefits and some easy backyard homesteading activities.
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Learn, Save the Bees

A bee or not a bee?

If you’re a new beekeeper, or you’re simply interested in the insects that populate your garden, it’s good to be able to differentiate between the honey bees you’re caring for, other harmless species of bee and fly, and potential threats like wasps.
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