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Set up for spring

After a long, cold winter spent huddled inside, everyone is looking forward to spring – bees included. For your hives, spring is a time of intense activity. Egg-laying, brood-raising, and nectar-gathering all start to ramp up after being almost non-existent in winter.
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How-To, Beekeeping 101

How Often Should I Inspect My Hives?

Ecrotek outlines how often you should check, what to look for and why it matters – your complete beehive inspection guide.
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New queen for the old colony

Bee colonies revolve around their queen – but what happens when she’s gone? Although it’s not common, there are times when a beekeeper needs to introduce a new queen to an old colony. This happens if the queen dies or stops laying eggs, or if you need to split a hive and start a new colony. Without a queen, there are no eggs, and without eggs, there are no new bees. So, lack of a queen can eventually lead to the loss of the colony, if you don’t take steps to fix the problem. Some colonies will be able to fix the problem themselves by creating a new queen, but this doesn’t always happen.
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Learn, How-To, Beekeeping 101

Bee Feeding Part 2: How To Feed Bees

There are many options for feeding honey bees. Here are some bee feeder supplies you can use.
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Pollen positives

Most people know that bees collect pollen, but few really understand its role in the hive. Unlike nectar, pollen is not used to make honey, but it plays a vital role in the life of the colony.
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Learn, How-To, Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping 101: Adding Another Super

How to tell when your bees need more space – and why it’s so important
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How-To, Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping 101: Super Sizes

What depth is right for your hive?
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Learn, How-To, Beekeeping 101

Beekeeping 101: How to do a Hive Inspection

What to look for when you open your hives
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Learn, How-To, Getting Started, Beekeeping 101

Establishing Your Beekeeping Club – Where to Start

Can’t find a local beekeeping club to join? Here’s Ecrotek’s guide on where to start setting up your own.
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