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Lega 6 Frame Tangential Bottom Drive Extractor


Lega 6 Frame Reversible Tangential Bottom Drive Electric Extractor with Automatic Control, makes honey extraction quicker, easier and whilst maximising the honey yeild. Lega are our best quality range of extractors, Made in Italy to the highest standards, Lega extractors are built to last for many years and have a full range of replacement parts readily available.



Lega 6 Frame Reversible Tangential Bottom Drive Electric Extractor with Automatic Control

Stainless steel drum complete with legs, nylon honey gate, nylon bearings and clear plastic covers

  • Low voltage motor (24V)
  • Engine located under the vat
  • Operation in manual and automatic mode
  • Reverse rotation
  • Automatic mode with rotation reversal. Automatically reversible cages allow fast extraction from both sides of the frames
  • Manual mode with speed controlled by potentiometer
  • Braking management
  • Controlled ramp acceleration and deceleration by electronic card
  • Kit anti-vibration feet
  • Tangential – improves honey extraction, particularly for thicker honey
  • Automatic programming for differing cycle times



We advise that at the end of each work cycle, you check that the legs and middle bushing are tight.

Furthermore, at season end, it is important to check the honey extractor efficiency and carry out any required maintenance to ensure that the machine is in the best working order, ready for the following year.

Technical Information

Technical Specifications


  • ·Manual and automatic mode
  • ·Reverse rotation
  • ·Anti-vibration damping feet kit
  • ·Speed control potentiometer
  • ·Acceleration and deceleration ramp control board
  • ·Brake control
  • ·Manual mode with speed control potentiometer
  • ·Automatic mode with reverse rotation


  • ·Max Rotation Speed - 480rpm
  • ·Weight - Honey extractor - 40kg
  • ·Loading height - 1030mm
  • ·Motor protection - 65IP
  • ·Max absorbed power - 120W
  • ·Working Voltage - 24V
  • ·230V input current - A2
  • ·230V input surge current - A40
  • ·Output current - A6,5
  • ·Working Temperature - -25°C - > +50°C
  • ·Discharge gate - 1"1/2
  • ·Minimum cycle duration is 10minutes
  • ·Maximum cycle duration is 25 minutes

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