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The new Hive Doctor Therma-Feeder provides insulation and feeding all-in-one. Developed to save you TIME and MONEY, whilst lowering winter mortality and ensuring you have earlier, stronger brood build up.

Insulation (particulary in the roof) has been proven to both retain warmth (Winter) and reflect external heat (Summer). Insulation assists the colony by reducing extreme temperature variations within the hive, resulting in less energy needed by the bees to manage these variations.

Well insulated hives have shown significantly lower winter mortality, earlier brood build-up in spring and ultimately an increase in honey production.

Made from High Density Polystyrene (HDP) the Hive Doctor Therma-Feeder comes pre-painted and includes plastic reinforced access areas on the front and back.

NOTE: Not suitable for use with the Therma-Lid unless a roof is used.



The Hive Doctor Therma-Feeder allows you to feed and insulate all-in-one! Developed to save you TIME and MONEY, whilst lowering winter mortality and ensuring you have earlier, stronger brood build up.

The Therma-Feeder is made of Tough High Density Polystyrene (HDP), which is pre-painted for convince and durability. The insulated features provided by the HDP allows for lower winter mortality, and causes decreased stress on bees as less energy is spent maintaining a stable internal temperature.

The new Hive Doctor Therma-Feeder comes equipped with transparent bee savers to prevent bee drownings, feeder access in four corners also allows for bees to access the syrup on uneven ground.


  • Compatitable with all 10 frame Langstroth hive types
  • Holds 8.5L of surgar syrup
  • UV protected
  • Weather Proof Finish
  • Reinforced Hive Tool access areas
  • Integrated channel for use with vertical divider boards (underneath)
  • Built in bee space
  • Decreased hive weight for easier handling


How to Take the Therma-Feeder Off the Box

Break the propolis seal on both short ends prior to levering off your box. Failure to do this may result in damage to the Therma-Feeder.

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