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Swienty Varroa Test (Excludes CO2 Cartridge)


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If you want to accurately test varroa levels without harming your bees the Swienty Varroa Tester is the perfect solution. When used with a CO2 cartridge (not supplied) the bees and mites are anesthetised and a quick shake causes the now sleeping mites to fall through the mesh for easy counting. Once awake, the anesthetised bees can be returned to the hive!



The Swienty Varroa Tester is a quick and easy way to check the mite loading of your hives. It works by using CO2 to quickly anesthetise bees and mites with the mites falling from the bees for easy counting. After 20-30 seconds the bees will wake up and can be safely returned to the hive. The Swienty Varroa tester requires a screw type CO2 cartridge to be installed prior to use. Unfortunately due to shipping restrictions we are unable to supply the CO2 cartridge with the product, however these can be cheaply obtained from your local bike repair shop. Each C02 cartridge can be used for up to 12 tests. NOTE: Squeeze the dispenser trigger slowly at the beginning of the test due to the contents being under high pressure.


1. Fill the Varroa Tester with around 200 bees (be careful not to catch the queen!). There is a fill line on the jar which can be used as a guide.

2. Insert a CO2 cartridge into the supplied dispenser. Squeeze the dispenser trigger gently for around 10-20 seconds until the bees are asleep.

3. Shake the jar for 10 seconds to loosen the mites. The mites will fall to the bottom of the jar and can be easily counted.

4. Once awake (around 20-30 seconds) the bees can be returned to the hive.

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