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The spread of a deadly disease

American Foulbrood strikes fear into the hearts of beekeepers – and for good reason. The bacterial disease infects larvae, kills bees before they reach maturity, and eventually destroys the colony.
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Rising costs, increasing numbers, and high demand

Issues facing New Zealand beekeepers
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​New research, new hope in the fight against AFB

Larvae rotting in their cells, decimated bee population, and – worst of all – having to burn your beehive to the ground. No wonder beekeepers dread American Foulbrood Disease.
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How To Treat Stonebrood And Protect Your Hive

Ecrotek helps you understand Stonebrood – symptoms, treatment and how to prevent the disease from entering your beehives.
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Varroa Control When Using Synthetic Treatments

Learn how to get the most out of your synthetic varroa treatments (Bayvarol and Apitraz) with our informational treatment guide.
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Nurturing with nature

Organic food is made without using chemical pesticides, herbicides, antibiotics or other artificial chemicals during production. Organic fruit growers don’t spray their trees or vines, using natural methods to control insects on their produce. Organic meat and dairy farmers don’t use antibiotics or artificial hormones to speed up animal growth. For many proponents, the organic concept extends into the overall management of the farm or orchard as well – they tend to take a slower, natural approach to crop or animal management, with a focus on caring for their charges rather than profit.
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Your Guide To Wasps In Your Hives

Ecrotek covers everything you need to know about wasps in New Zealand – from identification to detection to protecting your hives.
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About Small Hive Beetle (SHB)

​Although the small hive beetle (Aethina tumida) is only 5 mm long, it is one of the most feared bee parasites because with a heavy infestation, it can destroy an entire colony within a very short time.
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Chalkbrood in Honeybees and Leafcutter Bees

Find out about symptoms, prevention and treatment for chalkbrood fungal disease in honeybees and leafcutter bees – from Ecrotek.
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